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Wuxi JHD Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are a comprehensive company integrating product research and development, application design, production and sales, and technical services. It produces energy-saving and environmentally friendly products such as plate heat exchangers, which are widely used in metallurgy, food, light industry, medical, chemical, refrigeration and HVAC fields. The company is located in the rich Yangtze River Delta, Jiangyin, a beautiful water town in the south of the Yangtze River, with the Yangtze River in the north and Shanghai-Nanjing, Xicheng, Yanjiang and other expressways in the south, with convenient transportation.

Since its establishment, Jinhard has always adhered to the development principle of being a person first and doing things later. It recruited technical personnel and equipment, conducted multi-level training for existing employees, and continuously improved the competitiveness of the enterprise, laying a solid foundation for the stable development of the enterprise. , and serve the society with an attitude of honesty, trustworthiness and credibility. At present, the company has established two production bases for brazed plate heat exchangers and detachable plate heat exchangers. With honest attitude, strict quality control and timely delivery cycle, the company has won the recognition and praise of our customers. It has successively won many honors such as Jiangsu Province Excellent Products, Jiangsu Province Quality Integrity Enterprises, etc.

Seiko manufacturing, quality first, integrity management, and service first are the pursuit and goal of all our employees, and it is also the solemn commitment of Jinhard Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. to join hands with our customers to create brilliance.

We sincerely hope to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with friends from all walks of life, and provide better products and services for the majority of users with a sincere attitude and good reputation.


Company Culture



Mutual trust and adherence to predetermined rules to achieve common goals



Pursue win-win and value maximization in the ecosystem



Each organization becomes an autonomous subject and realizes self-worth



Drive the company's development with innovation and insist on doing a good job in technological innovation

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