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Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger


Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger


* Compact structure, easy to install * Use thin sheet * High heat transfer coefficient * Less liquid stagnation

Product Details


1. The advanced shunt structure design makes the shunt more uniform. The plate design of Wuxi Jinhard heat transfer equipment has a unique split structure, which allows the medium to evenly distribute the flow on the entire plate, improves the heat transfer efficiency, and eliminates the dirt accumulation area.
2. The parallel flow plate design makes maintenance more convenient. Parallel flow, better arrangement of pipeline links, reducing the types of spare plates and rubber pads. Installation and equipment maintenance are more convenient.
3. The unique rubber pad structure makes maintenance faster. The special gasket protection groove can prevent the gasket from being squeezed out and protect the gasket to make it last longer. The roof-shaped geometry enhances the pressure and vibration resistance of the rubber pad, and the sealing force lasts longer, the service life is longer, and the maintenance cost is reduced. The specially designed double sealing gasket and signal hole structure can ensure that when the gasket is damaged and the medium leaks from the seal, the leakage problem can be detected and solved in time through the signal hole, and the mixing of the two heat exchange media will not be caused. , to avoid and reduce losses caused by medium leakage. Snap and snap-on non-stick gaskets provide longer gasket life and quicker and easier replacement, greatly reducing maintenance costs and maintenance downtime. Due to the separation of sealing and fixing functions, the gasket can still play a sealing role in the gasket groove even if some of the snaps or snaps that have a fixing function fail.
4. Superior clamping bolt system makes maintenance easier. The unique and superior clamping bolt system consists of three parts: bearing box system, bolt and locking system. The bearing box system allows the bolts to be seated quickly and accurately and is easy to tighten, and the locking system prevents the bolts from turning when tightened. All bolts are roll-machined and coated with anti-corrosion materials and lubricants, the outer plastic jacket, heavy-duty hex nuts make the entire disassembly process easier, and all clamping bolts can be removed and installed from the side, making disassembly more convenient.
5. A good multi-point positioning system makes maintenance easier. Wuxi Jinhard Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger adopts a good multi-point positioning system. The four-corner positioning system with a corner hole diameter of less than 100mm allows the upper and lower guide rods of the plate to be embedded together. The five-point positioning system for models with a corner hole diameter of more than 150mm allows the positioning of the plate to be determined by multiple metal-to-metal contact points. The contact point of the upper guide rod can prevent the plate from moving up and down and the contact of the lower guide rod. Points restrict the pattern from moving left and right. Using multi-point positioning technology, the plate group can not only move forward and backward on the guide rod without resistance, and complete maintenance work easily and simply, but also allow the plates to be fitted during reassembly, so that the gasket seals accurately and is not bad at all. , the plate group can be completely reset, thus ensuring that the life of the heat exchanger is more durable after disassembly and assembly. Moreover, the plate heat exchanger with multi-point positioning system only needs one person. Even without any experience, the heat exchanger can be easily disassembled and assembled with simple tools, which is unmatched by other plate heat exchanger products.


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