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Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance Specifications

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Jul 14,2022

Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance Specifications
Purpose: To install and maintain the plate heat exchanger correctly, to ensure the normal and effective operation of the heating system, and to eliminate the fouling and blockage of the plate heat exchanger and the hidden dangers of running, running, dripping and leaking.

Scope of application: plate heat exchanger repair and maintenance operations


1. Maintenance work of plate heat exchanger

Because the plate heat exchanger has a large number of plates, and needs to be cleaned, inspected, and replaced one by one, it is necessary to choose a suitable place for disassembly and maintenance. Before dismantling, close the medium inlet valve, and first close the high-pressure side valve, and then close the outlet valve, so that the heat exchanger is slowly cooled to 40 °C and then discharged. When discharging, it should be discharged slowly, and observe whether there is internal leakage in the inlet and outlet valves of the medium. If there is, the corresponding treatment measures must be taken before maintenance work; then remove the connected pipes.



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